“Better Environmental Commitments

Better Companies

Better World” 



Creating skincare products has always been at the heart of the Veldere mission and doing it by adopting environmentally friendly practices while consistently committing to them is at our forefront. We are proud of our net positive environmental impact through environmentally responsible initiatives. Through the adopting of environmentally conscious manufacturing, logistical and packaging policies where possible we have reduced our carbon emissions. Recyclables are used and recycling is encouraged to drastically reduced petroleum based waste from adding to landfills.

All of the packaging used to protect and distribute Veldere products are 100% recyclable. Our latest initiative to reduce our plastic use eliminated 35% of plastics used in packaging alone, furthermore we will also be phasing out plastic seals used on our soap bars and replacing them with recyclable 10lbs cosmetic grade waxed tissue paper. 

The adoption of renewable energy has played a pivotal role in propelling the brand to new heights and setting new standards as we reduce our carbon footprint and set our sights on new goals. We continue to fuel our growth and demand for high end skincare without leaving a mark on the Earth.

Ingredients used in our production are certified Fair trade and certified through testing to assure they are high grade. Recently we Phased out Palm oil from our Agarwood Body soap and made a substitution without compromising on quality. Countless waste reduction initiatives are in place to save water, energy and other valuable resources.

As a company we are responsible for what we do and how we do it which is why it’s important to work with businesses who share our vision for a clean and beautiful world. While we move forward we can only look to what the future holds while striving to implement new practices which will further reduce or eliminate emissions, are environmentally friendly and reduce landfill waste.


For more on our environmental commitment you can view our 2019 Sustainability Plan