“Consumer and product safety stand as a priority. There are safe and ethical alternatives to testing on animals, who for the most part can neither speak up for their well being or verbally express their discontent during testing, and to exploit animals using these vulnerabilities is not something we will ever do and goes against our forward thinking progressive ideals as a brand.”



You can use VELDERE products with the peace of mind that we do not test on animals, do not use materials that contain animal derivatives and only purchase raw materials from companies that are not involved in the use of, or commission the use of animals for testing purposes and have no plans to do so in the future.

We believe animal testing is not necessary or acceptable and there are alternatives which align consumer safety as the priority. It has been proven that safe and effective products can be produced without the use of animals.

VELDERE wishes to continue to encourage suppliers to test for safety using non-animal testing methods and to further fund the development of ethical testing practices. Our ethical policy is one we will be practicing forever into the future, meaning all our products will remain Vegan and cruelty free during our operation.