We Have Completely Phased Out Palm Oil For Good

We have Turned our Back on Palm oil, For Good!

The decision has been made and As of the 28/10/2019 we will be completely phasing out the use of Palm oil, otherwise known as PKO Palm Kernel Oil in the beauty and skincare industry. Veldere will no longer be purchasing, adding or compounding palm oil in our skincare products in any way. We will be replacing palm oil with organically certified Mango seed Butter, which is a very high-grade-butter with soothing properties and rich in antioxidants, vitamins and skin nourishing minerals.

Palm oil has been stated to be the single biggest cause of deforestation in the world, and the greatest direct threat to the extinction of the orangutan sub-species.

Various wildlife organisations including the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have listed Palm oil plantation and habitat loss as the greatest threat to the orangutan population.

The decision to phase out palm oil was not an easy one to make but we believe it is the right one to move forward. We as a brand first phased out palm oil from our hugely popular Agarwood body soap early in the year which received positive review.

We strive to continuously operate in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner by using ethically sourced and certified ingredients to provide quality consumer products in a sustainable and ethical manner for the long term.