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The Agarwood body soap is created with the finest ingredients including Green tea extract, Tamanu oil, Rosehip oil and Mango seed butter to create a highly moisturising and lather rich bar of soap with the scent of Agarwood, otherwise known as Oud Wood.

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Our specially designed antioxidant Rich cleansing body soap is made to leave your skin feeling fresh, smooth and cleansed without removing the skins natural beneficial oils. This body soap has the added benefit of powerful antioxidants including Co-Enzyme Q10 and green tea extract which benefit the skin and combat free radicals on a cellular level.

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The Lavender body soap is crafted with the added benefit of Lavender oil, which is renowned for its soothing and relaxing scent. Made with luxury oils Rosehip, Shea butter, Argan, Coconut and avocado, the Lavender body soap is an exceptional bar for a natural and highly conditioning soap which will care for your skin wash after wash.

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Formulated with all skin types in mind, The Shea butter body soap is made using a selection of rich butters and plant extracts to create a body soap that will effectively moisturise, soften and cleanse the body without stripping the skin of its beneficial oils.